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Saltwater, sand or even snow, both drone and remote are waterproof and ready to go. Even 40mph winds.

Easy Controls

Super Bright HD Monitor Integrated on the Remote to see Live Video from the ONE. No Pairing, No App, No Setup. Just Fly.

Show the Action in Stabilized HD Video

The camera bay is modular so you can change your camera to your needs. Thermal Camera, Zoom Camera and Standard HD are a hot swap away.

No Prep Time with Quick Release Prop

Tech Specs

Flight Time

31 Minutes of real life flying.

Bait Carry Size

8.5 Pounds Baits

Flight Modes

Does NOT require Calibration. Just turn it on and go. It has three flight modes: Slow, Medium and Fast AF :)


IP67. Floats and designed for saltwater use.

Satellites Mode

Can receive up to 31 Satellites for a strong stability, position hold, return home. You can also mark the bait drop spot.

Flight Features

Troll Fishing can troll a bait for a mile over the water.

Return to Home: Flip the RTH switch after dropping the bait and the XPece ONE automatically comes back to you and land.

Mark Drop Spot: Marks the spot where your last bait was dropped.

Speeds mode: Slow, Medium and Fast Speeds.